We place great value on your satisfaction. This means that any complaints and / or other issues are dealt with properly and quickly.

If you have a question or complaint you can send an email to info@stmnts.com and we will contact you immediately.


You have the right to cancel your order up to 30 days after receipt without giving a reason. After cancellation you have another 30 days to return your item. You will then be credited with the full order amount, minus the included shipping costs. You must return the item with a track & trace code. We are not responsible for any lost packages.


We think quality is very important and will therefore always put this on top. All products purchased at STMNTS have a 2 years warranty. Is your product broken or has any defects? Send us a message and we will handle this further.

All items you purchase from us come with a legal warranty. This means that an item must be in good condition upon delivery and in normal condition use must function properly.

At STMNTS, the invoice for your order is also the warranty certificate of your article. If you want to claim the warranty, then we ask for a copy of the invoice. Keep this well.

Report a complaint

You can report a complaint via info@stmnts.com and we will contact you about what you can do best. We ask you for the invoice for a quick settlement and details about which article it is about to fill in the email.